Signing and Driving the EZ Way

What to Ask Before You Sign and Drive

In the market to buy a new car, but turned off by what you anticipate to be the fine print and surprise costs?  Remember these questions and your next car buying experience will be smooth sailing.


So, you already know what you want.  You know what you are willing to pay.  And you feel confident about going to the dealership and negotiating for exactly those terms. But that nagging little voice in your head is asking, “What am I missing?  What am I not prepared for?”

Ease your fears and arm yourself with these questions before committing to any deal and you will be sure to drive off the lot a much happier person.

  1.  What fees will I have to pay that are not included?  So far you have probably picked out the car, talked about your monthly car payment, and the sales person is most likely asking, “Do we have a deal?”  What you haven’t talked about are costs like sales tax, registration fees, and any documentation fees.  Most times, dealerships will want you to pay those before driving off the lot.
  2. Are there any additional parts I need to purchase?  For example, a lot of cars nowadays come with Bluetooth as an option.  And if Bluetooth is something that you really want, make sure that feature is already installed and running in the vehicle before you agree to the deal.  You don’t want to get that surprise when you get it home and it doesn’t work.
  3. Are there any additional services I need to purchase?  This seems to always be the kicker.  You have signed your name and are ready to drive away, but wait!  “Do you want the Special Paint Warranty or Tire Warranty?”  Find out what it is exactly, how much it will cost you that day, and what are your requirements to keep your vehicle within that warranty.
  4. What is the exact mileage on the vehicle?  It may be a brand new vehicle, but how long has it sat on the lot.  And how many people have test driven it?  This is especially important to those who are buying a vehicle from a dealership miles away and have found the car through the internet.  If the car is new and has more than a few hundred miles on it, then you need to negotiate the purchase price lower.
  5. Can I drive it home today?  From extra services to actually ordering the car from another dealership, there are many different reasons why you may not drive off the lot that day with your new car.  It can be a real buzz-kill after all that negotiating not to have your new toy to show off.

These questions should help cut down any surprises and keep you feeling confident and in control of your next car buying experience. Beach Auto Brokers Located in Hampton Roads! Your #1 Used Car SuperStore!