Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Running Healthy

At Beach Auto Brokers, we know that your car is the second largest investment you make next to your home, and we are here to help you with that investment in every way possible.  Caring for your car properly will deliver the performance, value and enjoyment you demand for you and your family. It also makes financial sense to perform routine maintenance to prevent any unforeseen breakdown or costly repair. Here are a few things you should inspect on a regular basis:

  • Tires – check for correct tire pressure and tire wear. You can usually find this information in your vehicle’s service manual, or on the vehicle information label found on the driver’s side door jamb. Also, don’t forget to check your spare tire as well.
  • Fluids – check to see that your fluids are filled properly. Look at the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, steering fluid, coolant, and washer fluid. It’s important to follow your manufacturer’s recommended service intervals on when to drain and change these fluids. This is normally based on mileage, driving habits, and even climate. Your vehicle service manual can provide you this information.
  • Brakes – have your brakes routinely inspected by a trained professional to ensure that pads and rotors are in good condition. Also watch for any sounds or drifting (cars pull to one side) when braking.
  • Lights – inspect all lights on your vehicle to ensure they are working properly – headlamps, tail lights, turn signals, and fog lights (if equipped).
  • Wipers – windshield wipers are usually easy to neglect. However, it is extremely dangerous to drive on a raining or snowy day without functioning windshield wipers.
  • Dashboard Lights – make sure that no warning lights are on. If a light comes on, your vehicle service manual can provide you with information about what the different lights mean.

At Beach Auto Brokers, we encourage all of our customers to be aware of and follow-thru with ongoing maintenance.  This is why we offer all of our customers a lifetime of free oil changes and state inspections with their vehicle purchase!  We are happy to help our customers with any questions they have regarding tires, fluids, brakes, lights, wipers, and dashboard lights.  So if something comes up, don’t hesitate it call us!