Flying Cars Are Actually On The Horizon…

If you grew up in the 1960’s or the 1980’s, you most likely watched The Jetson’s and probably dreamed about being in a car that could actually fly!!!  Well, today we are telling you that dream may actually come true.  The Jetson’s tv cartoon was set in 2062, and believe it or not that is right around the corner (even though when you were a kid it seemed eons away!).

In 2009, a company named Terrafugia (they make flying cars) promised that its first flying model, the Transition, would roam the highways, byways, and airways by mid-2010. Two months later, there was footage of the Transition in flight. And in mid-2010 – right on schedule – the FAA gave the Terrafugia Transition its blessing. WOW!

But five years later, we’re still looking to the skies, hoping to see the Transition on the horizon.

So while it may seem that Terrafugia Transition may be charting a course for the trash heap (because Terrafugia seems completely uninterested in promoting the Transition model that was actually approved by the FAA), we still must acknowledge that the flying car is coming… and we are excited to see it happen!!!

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