The lazy days of summer are over… for many of us, its back to the grind… and for others it never stopped.  The seasons are changing and the temperature is starting to drop.  With the crisp Autumn mornings come a good pumpkin spice latte and some fun festive fall decorations!

While you’re getting ready for the changing seasons, don’t forget that your vehicle needs to make sure it’s ready as well. Different temperatures and weather patterns can affect your vehicle’s abilities, so it’s important that you take this time to get your automobile checked out to ensure it’s safe. When you make a maintenance service appointment, we recommend that you make sure your mechanic checks these items.

  1.  Heaters & Defrosters – Fall morning frosts can come out of nowhere, so it’s important that you make sure your car’s heaters and defrosters are working. There’s nothing more annoying than being right on schedule to get to work on time, only to go outside and see your car’s windshield completely frosted over!
  2.  Windshield Wipers– Check to make sure your vehicle’s windshield wipers are streak and squeak-free now. Typically, drivers discover their wiper blades aren’t good when they really need them in the middle of a thunderstorm – don’t be one of those drivers.
  3.  Tires – Changing temperatures cause your tire pressure to fluctuate. Any time your tires aren’t properly inflated you are losing fuel efficiency and drivability! Check your tire pressure as well as tire tread. Slippery roads only intensify when the temperatures drop, so good tire tread of at least 3/32 inches is necessary.
  4.  Cooling System– While it may seem strange to check your cooling system when winter is coming, your cooling system is still very active when the temperatures drop. Especially make sure to have your mechanic look at your radiator, belts and hoses, as cold temperatures can especially affect these parts.
  5.  Steering and Suspension–Ask your mechanic look over your steering system, suspension and front-end alignment. We recommend getting this done at least once a year, and before winter sets in is a perfect time.
  6.  Oil Change– most vehicles require an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles. Since your automobile is already going to be at the shop getting these other fall car maintenance services performed, there’s a good chance it’s due for an oil change as well! Make it easy on yourself and get this completed now as well, rather than having to make a special trip later.

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