Purchasing A Car On the Internet… Seriously?

We meet people every that walk into the dealership showroom, but really don’t want to be there… they want a new vehicle, but have an aversion to the process.  Well, many of these people shop online for almost everything else in their lives.  And they would rather shop for their next car that way too.  That being said, its not surprising that a new survey shows that 76% of consumers around the globe would consider buying vehicles online rather than in a showroom.

Here are some of the key findings in the study that was completed:
– Most consumers do research online when looking for a new car, and most of them do so before approaching a dealership.
– Consumers were mostly satisfied with their recent purchase experience.
– Maintenance and customer service are big concerns for shoppers.
– 87% of respondents predicted that the car-buying process would be simplified by moving online in the near future.
– Consumers today seem far more comfortable with online car purchases than they were just three years ago.
– However; Consumers do seem a bit more wary of carrying out the entire process on the web.  They just want to start the process there, but finish it in person.

It’s clear from the study that consumers are relying on the web in greater numbers. Only 4% of respondents said that they didn’t use the web at all when buying their last ride.

One thing that we know as a dealer our customers value is customer service.  The study told us as well that consumers expect more from dealerships in the way of perks and services. That’s not surprising: with cars of all stripes made increasingly well these days, the differentiating factor between auto brands and dealerships is customer service.

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The study referenced above was conducted by Accenture.  It asked 10,000 people in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and the U.S. about their use of digital technology before, during, and after buying a car.