Traveling With Kids For The Holiday?

cute little boy driving a car

Are you looking forward to the aromas of a turkey roasting in the oven, stuffing, gravy, and all the fixings??  Don’t forget the pumpkin and apple pies that you’ll have for desert!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Many people stay home and have family visit… and many travel to visit family.  If your traveling with kids, there are many challenges you may encounter… the first and foremost is probably how to entertain those kids in the car while you’re on the road.  Nothing derails a family car trip faster than bored kids in the backseat. A well-stocked activity bag can mute the “Are we there yet?” melody from the rear and help you log some serious miles in peace. Here are a few of our top picks of ideas to keep those kids occupied while you’re headed to visit your family and friends this holiday!

Tablets, laptops, and smartphones: At home, you probably limit access to these devices. But if you need to make some serious mileage, it’s okay to relax the rules on screen time. Download plenty of educational and just-for-fun games, music, and movies before leaving home.

White board and dry-erase pens: Kids can draw, play tic-tac-toe and hangman, or write notes to each other, wipe it all away, and start over.

Sticker and activity books: Extra great for toddlers. They allow kids to express creativity without using pens on the upholstery.

Crayons or markers: Markers are best for kids 3 and up, crayons for kids under 3. If you’re worried about your child drawing on the seats, try Color Wonder markers – they only leave marks on special paper.

Colored pipe cleaners or Wikki Stix: Make animals, people, jewelry, or just crazy shapes.

Busy boxes: Fill a few shoe boxes with flash cards, card games, Matchbox cars, Legos, little figurines and dolls, and other items. Your child can use the box’s lid as a playing surface, and decorate the box using stickers and crayons or markers.

Crafty toys: Drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch, Magna Doodle, or Aquadoodle can keep kids busy for miles. Toys that let them draw using a magnetic “magic wand” (like Wooly Willy) are also absorbing. All are easy for kids to hold in their lap and can be used again and again.

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